About us

The Croatian-Swiss economic club (in the following: the Economic club) has been founded on June 17 in 2017 in the hotel „Du Parc“ in the city of Baden by eight persons with Croatian roots. The sense and purpose of the Economic club is to connect Croatian people and their Swiss friends on the base of business and to offer a platform to people who are interested in economic topics (above all on the relation Switzerland – Croatia); so it’s a matter of networking and extension of the personal knowledge.

Club board:                       – Damir Petkov

– Niko Radat

– Marko Cvitkušić

– Daniel Gašić

– Monika Vitez

– Miša Tomić

– Goran Vukadin

– Alan Šavar

From the political and religious point of view, the Economic club is absolutely neutral and independent; however, the Economic club can cooperate with other associations if this is not in contrary to its interests and its statutes.

This website is our medium of communication with our members and the public. Here you will find contributions about our activities and interesting articles about economy. If you like our idea, it would be a pleasure to us if you would join our Economic club.

We are open for your suggestions and your constructive criticism, but also for your questions. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email: info@ksw-club.ch. We will answer you as quickly as possible.


Damir Petkov,
President of the Croatian-Swiss economic club